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What can the BRT do?


Although the BRT itself is not a punitive body, we are still effective when dealing with incidents of bias. There are 4 primary ways that the BRT helps when an incident of Bias occurs.

First, the BRT can assign an advocate to someone who is utilizing the services on campus. Forms and procedures can sometimes be difficult to maneuver, and having a trained staff member as a guide or someone to talk to sometimes helps through this process.

Second, the BRT can recommend existing campus resources, like the Office of Affirmative Action, University Testing and Counseling Center, Student Conduct and Community Standards or the University of Oregon Police. Your BRT advocate can assist you with this other options.

Third, the BRT can assist in creating solutions. For example, if a student felt uncomfortable in a classroom the BRT could work with the faculty member to assure the student can engage in the classroom or make other arrangments in colaboration with the student and the faculty.

Lastly, the BRT can arrange facilitated discussions between targets and those responsible for act of bias. We also provide educational events, like film screenings, outreach events, and other co-sponsored university and community programs..

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